Tiny Tot Utility

The Tiny Tot Utility features:

· 2 x 2 input mixers with bipolar attenuverters for each input.

. 2 x Manual or CV controlled dividers with settings for /2, /4, /8 and /16.

Mixer Sections:

Each mixer section features one input that is normalled to +5V so the output can be set using the attenuverter from -5V to +5V. The left input on the upper mixer is normalled to the left input on the mixer below. When connecting with the Moo Moo Dual Oscillator it enables a V/Oct source from a keyboard or sequencer to be connected to just one input and be fed into both mixers. The output of each mixer can then be used to control each oscillator via the EXP FM input jacks on the Moo Moo Dual Oscillator. This allows much more flexibility when using the through zero modulation by allowing one oscillator to follow the pitch and the other modulating oscillator to have the keyboard follow attenuated or even inverted. The +5V offset on the right side mixer controls can be used to add offsets to the V/Oct source as well, enabling greater tuning range of each of the oscillators. This is particularly useful if the through zero offset control and the through zero linear FM controls on the Moo Moo oscillator are set at a fixed amount but the 5 octave control doesn't extend the oscillator pitch far enough.

Divider Sections:

The dividers features two identical sections that can be used to add bass to any audio signal present at the input. The control potentiometer and CV select between divide ratios of 2, 4, 8 and 16 . The CV control has a 5 volt range and protection against higher voltages so it can be used with anything within +-12V. The control acts as an offset when there is a CV present.

When used with the Moo Moo Dual Oscillator the dividers can add extra depth and thickness to bass or lead lines. They also produce some interesting results when the Moo Moo is set to cross-modulation and the output frequency gets very high, the divider can then be used to hear what's happening in a more audible range.