Moo Moo Dual Oscillator

The Moo Moo Dual Oscillator features:

· 2 x Through Zero Analogue Oscillators

· 1 x Noise Source with dedicated Analogue State Variable Filter

· 2 x Octave Switches with CV inputs

· 2 x 2 input mixers with CV control

Each oscillator section features:

· Sine, Triangle, Saw (down ramp), Pulse and Square wave outputs.

· A Sync input that can be switched between Hard or Soft Sync via the Filter/Mode switch (Long press).

· Pulse Width control plus PWM CV input.

· Through Zero Linear Frequency Modulation Input (normalled to the mixer output of the opposite oscillator).

· Through Zero Linear Frequency Modulation Amount Control.

· Through Zero Linear Frequency Offset Amount that changes the timbre of the through zero modulation and also acts as a Coarse Tune control for the pitch.

· Large Frequency Control knob that extends over 1 octave for better control over fine tuning.

· Octave select Control and CV Input with a 5 octave range.

· Noise Level control that injects the filtered noise into the Through Zero FM of the oscillator in parallel with the Through Zero Linear FM input. This can be useful for percussion, drums and glitchy noise sounds as well as random pitch modulation effects.

Noise Section:

The noise source goes through a state variable filter that has a mode switch to select between High Pass, Band Pass and Low Pass filters. It also features a resonance control, frequency control and frequency CV input. There is an output for the filtered noise so it can be connected to other inputs in the modules such the mixer or PWM inputs or to external modules.


Mixer Sections:

Each Mixer section is has 2 inputs (A and B) that can be connected to any of the outputs in the oscillator or to external sources. The Mixers also feature CV control (0v to 10V) and a mixer pot to crossfade between the A and B inputs. The outputs of each mixer are inverted which enables 4 quadrant ring modulation to be achieved by inverting a sinewave with one mixer and using the other mixer to crossfade between the non-inverted and inverted sine wave.

Technical information:

Width – 24HP

Depth – 27mm

Wave Form and Mixer Output Levels – +/- 5V

CV input range – 0V to 10V but can accept voltages from -12V to +12V

Octave CV – 0V to 5V working range but can accept voltages from -12V to +12V